Basics Of Movement In VR

Basics Of Movement In VRVirtual reality is one of the more immersive kinds of entertainment. But the movement in VR can make the users feel motion-sick within a few seconds of use. The reason being the disconnection between what the brain can process and the eyes can see. If you are just sitting in a chair in reality but are moving forward while using the VR the chances are that you will feel sick pretty quickly.

Developers have created several ways of navigating through the VR environments that can decrease the dissonance between the brain and the eyes. There are many movements in VR that only those with a strong stomach can handle. The first person VR shooter Onward is a traversal method only a few people can handle but if you enjoy gaming and have a good stomach you will love it.

There are other traversal methods used for movement in VR games that are responsible for increasing the immersion. These include,

Cockpit: It is an immersive and stable experience and has clear expectations although has limited freedom of movement.

Teleportation: In this method, you can walk around and have the power to navigate an environment. But you have to decide on every step you are going to take and for this, you have to spend mental energy.

Rez Infinite: This movement combines the elements from the ones above. The third person avatar floats and moves toward where you are looking.

You can try the various VR experiences and get the feel of the movement in VR yourself. But for most people, the experience of teleportation or sitting in a cockpit will be both immersive and comfortable. There are several ways to move around in virtual reality as developers strive to reduce motion sickness and immersion issues. XGS VRCADE provides a gaming experience you can check out to decide whether VR gaming is for you.