What Is VR In Simple Terms?

VR is short for Virtual Reality. In other words, people are submerged into an environment that is completely fabricated. These environments are typically explored using headsets whose hardware track the wearer’s movements and the images seen within are adjusted accordingly. Headsets have display panels for each eye, or, a single screen. Lenses blocking out the views outside the headset make the wearer feel like the scenes inside the headset are their actual world. Often times, the wearer will have a controller in one or both hands that they can use to control things within the virtual environment. In some cases, images of the hand or hands are shown in the environment to make the experience seem even more real. Headsets come with different measures of Field of View (FOV). The field of view is everything you can see at any given moment. In the VR world, this relates not only to everything you can see but is also discussed when it comes to the size of the screen in different […] Continue reading